Prayer for Nepal

Here are some ways in which you can pray

For the lost, pray:
for the Lord’s protection over those who are buried and trapped in the rubble
that these afflictions would be used by God’ to expand His Kingdom for His glory
that relief agencies are able get food and clean water to those in need
that those who have perished would be recovered and reunited with their families
for the families of those who lost their lives, may the Prince of Peace become their one comfort

For our brothers and sisters, pray:
that by the power of the Spirit, they would look beyond their loss and seek out the lost who have no comforter
for their protection as they seek shelter and other basic human needs
that they would be given divine opportunities to share the Gospel with those who are afflicted
that the Church (the body) would reflect the radiance of its husband to the nation of Nepal

For children, pray:
that the orphans who once again have no home to live in would be comforted
that those who became orphans today would become adopted sons and daughters
that the Lord would protect the children of Nepal from from the evils that will come in this chaos

For relief teams, pray:
that the Lord provides them with wisdom, strength, and endurance in the days ahead
that the Lord would meet their every need in providing care
for their safety as the navigate unstable and unsafe buildings and environments

Lord, we pray. Extend your arm and show mercy to Nepal. May your saints in Nepal serve as you served and love as you loved us. May You be glorified through your bride in these dark and painful days.

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