Nepal Relief Update – May 6, 2015

Over the last several days, relief agencies from around the world have transitioned from rescue to recovery. The death toll is expected to reach into 5 figures as relief workers make their way into the remote villages that were affected by the earthquake.

This weekend, friends of Pastor Tej Rokka came to visit from India. Here is a snippet of a report they submitted:

The atmosphere is becoming polluted as the stinking smell from the bodies inside the debris being decomposed is felt all over. So far we have heard there are many villages where the rescue work could not be started properly due to the inaccessibility. The roads are damaged and army personnels could only use the helicopters thus delaying the rescue work. Please continue to pray.

Through your efforts, SARA Church has been able to deliver food, tents, and medicine to church members and people in the Chabahil community. Over the next few days they will work to repair the Children’s home. There are 45 children in the care of SARA Ministries, 20 life at the orphanage, another 25 have been living with Christian families. Since the earthquake many of thees families and the orphans in their care have been without shelter. Fortunately tents were acquired to that the children have shelter from monsoon season rains.

temporary orphanage

Our other partners on the ground are reporting that it is difficult to get food despite the significant relief agencies on the ground. Please pray that relief agencies like Samaritans Purse are not hindered in their work.