Nepal Relief Update – May 12, 2015

This morning I received word from Tej Rokka (SARA Ministries) that they had experienced an earthquake. At 12:35 Nepali time (06:50 GMT) a 7.3 magnitude quake hit outside of Namche Bazaar, a mountain village near Mt. Everest. The earthquake, which was felt throughout the entire valley, caused landslides, and additional infrastructure damage.

Residents of the Kathmandu are still experiencing PTSD related anxiety after the terrible earthquake that has taken more than 8,000 lives at the time of this post. Tej Rokka reported, “This was a big shake. So far we are fine. One of the NMBS students is out of reach. Many more houses are fallen. No power so we wait for more news.”

Tej Rokka, ES4M’s National Partner is continuing to provide relief to his church and community. Together with other leaders they have provided food, blankets, mattresses, face masks, and medical supplies to families and individuals affected by the disaster. “Many people are without homes. . . they need shelter”, Tej remarked in an earlier message.

ES4M will continue to help empower the church of Nepal to share the love of christ, and the hope of the Gospel, in the midst of this continuing tragedy.