Nepal Relief Update – April 27, 2015

April 27th, 15:30 CST.

At the time of this update, the death toll has surpassed 4,000. Saturday’s earthquake was the most powerful to shake the region since 1934 when more than 10,000 lives were lost.

We spoke with Tej Rokka, our partner at SARA Ministries, last evening. He said, “The orphanage is damaged but not destroyed”. The children at SARA Children’s Home will be sleeping outside on the ground until the aftershocks have ceased, and the school can be repaired or deemed safe. The children will be meeting with trauma counselors in the near future to help with PTSD related issues. “Please continue to pray,” Tej pleaded.

Children are obviously not the only ones affected. A friend, and past mission participant living in Patan said,  “I personally am still having nightmares, flashbacks, and a fear that it will happen again”.  The single greatest thing we can do is be on our knees before our Gracious God, lifting our brothers, sisters, and the rest of Nepal up in prayer. “The main prayer request is for all the grieving people and all of us dealing with post traumatic stress,” our friend reported. Continue brothers and sisters to go before our Lord on their behalf.

There will clearly be short and long-term needs as relief is provide and then moves into rehabilitation.  Initially solar powered lights, tents for those have lost homes, food, and clean water are of the highest priority. Once the region becomes stable; Once food, water, and shelter have been taken care of; there will be need to help restore the community. Helping to restart existing businesses, start new ones, and other economic development initiatives will be part of the long-term goal.

We are asking for financial help to aid in relief. We are passing thorough every dollar raised to our partners on the ground.. You can learn more about what we are doing and how to give here.