Missions Moment – July, 2015

Simikot Plateau
The village of Simikot sits high on a plateau in far Northwest region of Nepal. This beautiful mountain village which is only accessible by plane from the South contains an unusually high amount of Tibetan Buddhists due to its proximity to Tibet.

In 2012 & 2013, ES4M participated in two short-term missions in partnership with Climbing for Christ. During these missions we assessed the needs of the church in Humla and brought the gospel to remote villages in the region. During our first visit to Simikot, we were able to worship alongside a small band of brothers and sisters from the area.. Because of the churches size, this meeting was very secretive and took place in the back room of unused building. Over the last three years, the Christian community has grown so much that not only is the church now visible, they are in need of a church building. ES4M is committed to equipping and strengthening church leaders from remote villages like Simikot through our partner SARA Ministries and the New Missionary Bible School.