Missions Moment – February 2017

This months missions moment comes from September of 2016 when ES4M completed our first course specifically led by, and for women. Though women have always participated in our leadership and theological training, there has never been woman-centric training conducted. Nepal has a very patriarchal culture and so depending on what region and community they are from, are afforded varying degrees of respect, authority, and privilege. While there should be no remnant of this in the church as male and female are created equally as image-bearers, the still exists a separation that to western eyes would seen unequal. ES4M is blessed to partner with an organization that understands ¬†God’s view of mail and female and asked us specifically to help meet this need. As we continue to work in Nepal we will seek to teach a complimentarian view, that is that men and women are equal but hold complimentary roles in marriage, family life, and the church.