Missions Moment – April 2016


This photo, courtesy of Agape Visuals, comes from our March 2015 mission to Nepal. During this mission we were able to see children at SARA Children’s Home participating in training that was conducted by one of ES4M’s students. It is an awesome and rare blessing to see how far some of our training reaches.

We were encouraged and surprised to find out that after training our OT course in 2013, these children were brought through the entire course. While this may seem like a children’s VBS to some, these kids have a firmer grasp on OT history than many adults who go to church in America. When we see Paul’s exhortation to Timothy to train “faithful men who will teach others also”, I am not sure we realize just how far this training actually goes. Pastors/Elders will train their congregations. Fathers and mothers will train their children. And many others will train whoever the Lord puts in their path, as this young man did at SARA Children’s Home.

If you are reading this, please take a moment to lift up these kids in prayer and ask that the Lord of Salvation would do a miracle in their hearts and quicken them to new life in Christ. Pray for the wisdom of those who care for them, and that He who is King over all, would provide for all of their needs.